The Ministry of Security of Argentina chose Geo.Platform, the web platform for geospatial and Earth observation data analytics developed by SpaceSUR, for the start-up of SINAGIR (National Comprehensive Risk Management System).

The SINAGIR implements the instruments related to Civil Protection and Public Security in the whole Argentine territory, tending to diminish the impact of an adverse event that put at risk the life of people, their goods and all other factor of national interest; and seeks to generate and coordinate an immediate institutional response capacity, integrating municipal, provincial and federal capacities, and incorporating the participation of civil society and international cooperation.

The types of threats that are sought to respond are earthquakes, volcanism, severe storms, floods, droughts, forest fires; and anthropogenic threats such as centers for the manufacture, processing, storage and transport of dangerous substances, the operation and / or collapse of dams, terrorist acts, incidents with radioactive materials linked to their transport and handling, among others.

With Geo.Platform, SINAGIR will have an integrated solution that will allow to:

  • Develop and manage risk maps in a collaborative and systematic way with provinces, municipalities and other entities.

  • Centralize and disseminate territorial information through a data hub (Big Data), and visualize the big data through a 4D tool of situational awareness in real time (Real time 4D), based on the integration of Luciad technology, from Hexagon Geospatial, technological partner of SpaceSUR.

  • Implement automatic analytical products based on Earth observation satellites for early warning and emergency / disaster management.


About SpaceSUR

SpaceSUR is specialized in software engineering and solutions applied to the entire aerospace cycle, from the development of satellites and complex systems, to the implementation of geospatial solutions with high added value for different industries.

About Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Geospatial is the geospatial software division of the Hexagon AB company, a leader in Real Time Location Intelligence software, which allows to design and develop situational awareness solutions for critical environments.