Senior Geospatial Data Scientist

- Advanced knowledge of analysis and processing of optical/SAR
satellite images. - Advanced knowledge in geospatial analysis (GIS). - Python programming oriented to data science. - Relational databases and SQL programming - Geomatic Products such as QGIS, ArcGIS, Envi, Erdas, SNAP, etc. - Windows & Linux. - Fluent English. - Result Oriented (problem solver). - Client Oriented.
Non-exclusive skills
- Jupyter Notebooks / Labs.
- Version control tools (SVN, GIT).
- Libraries for data science and geospatial analysis: numpy, scipy,
pandas, geopandas, shapely, fiona, rasterio etc. - Javascript and R programming - Sentinel Hub / Google Earth Engine. - Experience with VHR satellite data (optical and SAR) from private
constellations and data from public constellations such as
Copernicus. - Knowledge of Machine Learning / Computer Vision.
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