User Segment & Earth Observation

Our expertise in geospatial technologies and our knowledge about flight and ground segments systems from Earth Observation missions put SpaceSUR in an extraordinary position to develop specialized software solutions for end users.

End User Management Systems

End User Services for EO Missions: Acquisition, production and delivery requests management, product catalogue for online searching.

Added Value Processors

User oriented high level products processors for generating important decision making information (soil moisture, early alerts, crops forecasts, etc).

Development of custom solutions based on Earth Observation

Development of Earth observation end-to-end solutions, tailored for diverse business and government areas

Specialized support on Geospatial Analysis and Science for added value processors development

End User Issues Management Systems

User issues handling. Tickets management.

Added Value Web Applications

User oriented interactive web apps for delivering important decision making information, based on geospatial products and ancillary data.

Specialized support on ECSS standards application to software systems developments

Tailoring of ECSS standards according to project needs, analysis of the gap between methodologies adopted in a project and ESA recommendations, design of ECSS adequacy plans and support on adequacy process.