Based on agile aerospace and ECSS methodologies, we develop and operate Mission User Segment solutions to support the full aerospace mission lifecycle.


The Saocom is a constellation of earth observation satellites with the most advanced l-band fullpolarimetric sar (synthetic aperture radar). SpaceSur invested more than 150.000 hours of software engineering and earth observation science under aerospace standard ECSS.

Geospatial production systems

  • Planning, scheduling and execution of ground and user segment processors.
  • Storing and cataloging all mission products and ancillary data.
  • Automatic retrieval, storage and quality validation of mission ground based ancillary data, and external products and data provided by agencies and corporations.

Mission User Care Systems

  • Mission User Care Solutions for acquisition, production and delivery requests management, and product catalog searching.
  • User issues handling and online support channels.

Payload and CALVAL Processors

  • Processors for both optical and SAR payload data.
  • On board image processing. Quality validation and CALVAL processors. Decision making tools for payload and processing chain calibration and validation.

Verticalized Applications and Added Value Processors

  • Processors for high level (L2 and above) SAR and Optical products generation.
  • Polarimetric SAR (PolSAR) and Interferometric SAR (InSAR) image processing.
  • User oriented high level products processors for generating important decision making information (soil moisture, early alerts, crops forecasts, etc).
  • Development of Earth observation end-to-end solutions, tailored for diverse business and government areas, including interactive web apps based on geospatial products and ancillary data.