Population and vulnerability estimation

  • Geo-spatially located population high resolution (100x100m) grid estimates with disaggregated parameters for areas where official population information is not available, accurate, or updated.
  • Critical for public policies, vaccine and food distribution,campaign planning, and execution monitoring.
  • Grid cell size of 100x100m, yearly or seasonally updated, that includes location information and tabular demographic parameters.
  • Adapted to urban and rural areas, including nomad population.

Geospatial intelligence solutions for Health

  • Web based Reach Every District protocol GIS tool, for vaccination campaign planning, and vaccination campaign execution/monitoring.
  • Geolocation module and dashboard based on data from the Official Health Information Systems, notifiable diseases, vaccinated population, among others.
  • Data model designed for data consistency and quality in its different dimensions: completeness of records and the spatial component.
  • Indicators and analytical reports obtained by user defined filters and custom areas of interest, including local, state and national.

Natural hazards and Risk Management

  • Risk management solutions for emergencies and catastrophes including earthquakes, floods, landslides, wildfires, armed conflicts, among others.
  • Collaborative web tools for risk maps development.
  • Rapid mapping services for emergency response.
  • Estimation of damage and losses maps.
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction monitoring in affected areas.