Our solutions support the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of hydrocarbons and minerals. Through the analysis and processing of satellite images we provide a wide range of services such as monitoring of infrastructure in areas of oil & gas and mining exploitation, pipelines inspection, work progress control, and mapping of environmental variables.


  • Geological mapping and support to mining prospecting. Solutions for Lithium.
  • Monitoring of open-pit mining with satellite InSAR technology.
  • Multitemporal change detection on sites of interest and environmental variables remote monitoring for compliance.

Oil & Gas Midstream

  • Pipeline monitoring for theft and encroachment detection, right of way monitoring, vegetation and soil monitoring, leaks detection and integrity.
  • Critical environmental variables remote monitoring and compliance.
  • Land subsidence based on satellite InSAR technology.

Oil & Gas Upstream

  • Geological mapping and support to prospecting. Basin and Reservoir monitoring for subsidence and uplift based on satellite InSAR technology.
  • Solutions for unconventional reservoirs.
  • Automatic site and well inspection for safety operations