SpaceSur develops training and education solutions on Earth observation and aerospace technologies for users of all levels, from elementary school students and teachers to professionals from diverse industries and government. We develop comprehensive programs, content, activities and software for the inclusion of innovative technologies in education. We specialize in teaching and learning processes using geospatial technologies.









Comprehensive educational programs for massive user formation in Earth observation

  • Big data platforms for satellite imagery, adapted to students from 8 years old.
  • Web application of “geohistory” type, adapted for training and mass dissemination of geospatial technology.
  • Geospatial web application for simple interpretation and analysis activities.
  • Spatial data science environment to learn about satellite image processing and software programming.
  • Design of content on topics of educational interest, including Climate Change and Environment, Natural Sciences, History, among others.
  • Design and execution of custom designed activities, including courses, workshops, seminars and hackatons.

Open source geospatial software for Education

We promote democratization of geospatial technologies. Access the Github repository of our open source geospatial desktop software specially designed for children of all ages:

We are Copernicus Relays.