Mission-critical GEOINT

  • Access to secure and source-diversified Earth Observation satellite virtual constellation.
  • Including Multispectral, optical VHR, SAR, RF Detection and Thermal.
  • Multi-mission User Care System for satellite programming, image acquisition, delivery requests management and product catalog.
  • Geospatial project management, visualization and analysis tools.
  • Spatial data science lab and image processing software.
  • On-premises scalable private cloud infrastructure.
  • Compliance with cyber security policies.

Specialized Solutions and Analytics

  • Risk mapping and rapid response to emergencies and catastrophes (wildfire, floods, landslides, etc.)
  • Border control and monitoring.
  • Illegal traffic detection (terrestrial and maritime).
  • Surveillance and control of targets and exclusion areas (terrestrial and maritime).
  • Vehicle and suspicious objects automated detection and identification.
  • Terrain mapping, 3D, permeability, and intelligence support to operations and missions.