We provide professional services for our customer success and for the best adaptation and adoption of space technology. All our services are ISO 9001 certified.

Project Management

  • Project Management based on PMI guidelines.
  • Agile Scrum methodology for Solution and Software Development Life Cycle.
  • ECSS standards for Aerospace Projects.
  • Project Feasibility and Technical Assessment. Risks & Stakeholders Management.
  • Aerospace system engineering.

Geospatial Software Engineering

  • Geospatial data web servers and geodatabases.
  • Image processing servers and software modules.
  • Big data Earth Observation data platforms, catalogs and data cubes.
  • User applications including web mapping, geospatial dashboard and mobile data collection systems.
  • Automatic integration with external systems.

Geospatial Data Science and EO analysis

  • Selection, acquisition and quality control of satellite and drone imagery.
  • Gathering of geospatial data through registry searching, sensor networks or field surveys.
  • Cleaning and normalization of geodatabases.
  • Geospatial and remote sensing algorithm research and development.
  • Processing of remote sensing data and imagery.
  • Data analysis and interpretation through specialized GIS tools.
  • Support in interpretation of end products for application to client operations.
  • Rapid mapping services.

Technology Infrastructure. Maintenance and Operations

  • Design and provision of HW for on-premises and hybrid implementations.
  • Design and provision of Cloud and EO Big Data infrastructure for cloud and hybrid implementations.
  • Perfective, adaptive, corrective and preventive maintenance. Expert support, 5×8 and 7×24.
  • Operations of Virtual Satellite Constellation and Technology Infrastructure.