Educational programs of Earth Observation

We design, develop and implement comprehensive educational programs for:

  • Public entities: we seek to accompany users in incorporating the potential of satellite images and geospatial technologies into their professional and educational activities.

  • Educational institutions: we seek to accompany teachers in the inclusion of space technology in their teaching practices in order to enhance the scope of knowledge.

  • Companies within the framework of corporate social responsibility programs.

 We specialize in the following activities:

  • Teacher training aimed at promoting the analysis of the potential that space technology has to improve the teaching of curricular contents.
  • Generation of content based on products derived from Earth Observation satellite missions and related to curricular content.
  • Activities such as workshops and talks that promote the genuine inclusion of space technology to teach curricular content.

The activities are developed using Geo.Platform, a web platform developed by SpaceSUR for analytics of satellite data integrated with other sources such as drones, sensors in the field, business data.