engineering services

Ground Segment

SpaceSUR provides advanced software solutions for the ground segment, offering standard products and also developing customized systems and processors.

Geospatial production systems

Planning, scheduling and execution of ground and user segment processors. Storing and cataloguing all mission products and ancillary data.

Geospatial Ancillary Data Management Systems

Automatic retrieval, storage and quality validation of mission ground based ancillary data, and external products and data provided by agencies and corporations. GIS for geospatial data management.

Payload Processors

for both passive and active (SAR) data acquisitions.

Specialized support on ECSS standards application to software systems developments

Tailoring of ECSS standards according to project needs, analysis of the gap between methodologies adopted in a project and ESA recommendations, design of ECSS adequacy plans and support on adequacy process.


Geospatial CALVAL systems

Quality validation of operative processors outputs against ancillary and external data. Decision making tools for satellite and processors calibration.

Mission Key Indicators monitoring systems

Automatic retrieval and storage of mission information provided by the different segments. Calculation, reporting, and alerting of key indicators like mission and segment performance and efficiency.

CALVAL Processors

for product validation, and payload and processors calibration.